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Dapper Rogue

Catalogue for the Gentleman Scoundrel

18 December 1985

My name is Sarah, but you may know me as Jaide, or more recently, Mahkia. I'm in my 20s and living on the Oregon coast with my husband and my corgi. I'm a procrastinator, writer, misanthrope, gamer, and podcast host. I enjoy things that are awesome.

I'm really more active on Twitter nowadays; micro blogging seems more my thing when I don't have much but bits of brain lint to throw out into the nether. Feel free to follow me there, here, and/or on any of my other various net presences.


Comment here to be added, provided you're not an idiot and we share things in common. I'm very open and accepting, and generally, as long as you aren't a bigot and can at least tolerate the crap I ramble about, we'll get along fine. A sense of humor is a must, but I think that's the case in just about every aspect of life.

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